30 Dec 2016 - Over $25 million was spent on planning and consultants associated with the now-cancelled MAX light rail plan More info

23 Dec 2016 - The 2016-17 Mid-year Review allocated $8million for expenses associated with the Barnett Government’s botched Bell Group Companies (Finalisation of Matters and Distribution of Proceeds) Act 2015 More info

16 Dec 2016 - WA taxpayers will fork out an undisclosed sum of money as part of an out-of-court defamation settlement against Liberal Minister Joe Francis More info

1 Dec 2016 - A campaign costing $275,000 will be paid-for by WA taxpayers despite the blatantly political message behind it More info

26 Oct 2016 - The WA Government has admitted mistakes were made in the design of the $13 million kids’ waterpark at Elizabeth Quay More info

5 Oct 2016 - The senior executive service (SES) has risen from 374 members when Colin Barnett became Premier in 2008, to 455 in 2012, and 514 in July 2014. More info

11 Sep 2016 - Taxpayers will be slugged $1 million for a highly-political advertising campaign concerning changes to the electricity market More info

22 Aug 2016 - $500,000 a month is being paid for unused parking bays at the delayed Perth Children’s Hospital More info

21 Aug 2016 - Taxpayers lost $11 million on administrative and consultancy costs associated with the Liberals plan to sell the Fremantle Port - even though the Liberals didn’t have the numbers in Parliament to do it More info

25 May 2016 - Elizabeth Quay cost the WA Government nearly $1.7 million in its first two months of operations, including nearly $500,000 on an opening festival More info

10 May 2016 - The costs of a new billing system at Synergy increased by almost $55 million by May 2012 it was revealed in State Parliament More info

6 May 2016 - Upgrades to a bar at Parliament had cost $80,000 More info

20 Apr 2016 - The Barnett Government has failed to reduce spending on media monitoring, despite promising to do so by enhancing “in-house” facilities More info

12 Apr 2016 - Taxpayers are spending tens of thousands of dollars a year to send senior public servants to listen to their Ministers give speeches as part of WA’s corporate speaking circuit More info

31 Mar 2016 - 18 Government-owned apartments are empty in the 44-unit Cottier Apartments complex in South Hedland built for $25 million More info

26 Mar 2016 - A leaked internal memo revealed that changing prison officer uniforms from khaki to blue had cost an extra million dollars rather than saving $200,000 More info

13 Mar 2016 - Taxpayers have paid $103 million to relocate the Premier and his Ministers to new and upgraded offices in West Perth More info

17 Feb 2016 - In February 2016, the Auditor General found 79 variations to a computer services contract almost tripled its value in the first four years More info

20 Dec 2015 - In the December 2015 Mid Year Review, it was revealed that an additional $25.4 million was needed to cover unexpected costs due to mismanaging the transfer of staff and services to the new Midland Hospital More info

12 Dec 2015 - In December 2015 it was reported by the ABC that the Barnett Liberal Government was spending $700,000 to rename the Esplanade Train Station and Busport. More info

18 Nov 2015 - Since 2008, Health has provided nearly $2 million to an external provider to develop performance reports at eight hospitals More info

12 Aug 2015 - Pilbara Underground Power Project is currently forecast to cost state and local governments a total of $252 million and be completed by June 2018. More info

30 Jun 2015 - Between 2012 and 2015, Government agencies spent $256 million on advertising and market research More info

11 Jun 2015 - The Barnett Government has spent over $170,000 on creating a bus and advertising plan for its already wasteful “Bigger Picture” advertising campaign More info

10 Jun 2015 - In 2014, of the 43,249 defendants granted bail, 1,663 were held in prison until they could meet their bail release conditions. The Auditor General found that better information sharing and more effective use of bail data would improve the bail process. More info

6 May 2015 - Poor contracting means the Department of Housing is not getting full value from the Program Manager and its $1million a year fee More info

22 Apr 2015 - The Barnett Government spent $10 million advertising their ‘Bigger Picture’ building and infrastructure projects More info

25 Mar 2015 - Government Departments have spent more than $240,000 on Christmas lunches and parties for Boards and their senior executives More info

25 Mar 2015 - The failed process of the Barnett Government to attempt to force local government amalgamations has cost the community more than $40m More info

14 Nov 2014 - In June 2013 the Barnett Government announced that 1000 jobs would go through a round of voluntary redundancies. The Auditor General found that inconsistent processes meant that the State paid more than it should however he was unable to quantify the exact amount More info

2 Oct 2014 - The Barnett Government sold the former golf course land on the Burswood peninsula to Crown for $60 million, $30 million less than the valuation. More info

1 Oct 2014 - The Barnett Liberal-National Government has left WA taxpayers exposed after investing $30million in Pelago East in Karratha More info

30 Sep 2014 - Questions have been raised over the sale of lot 9 and 10 at Elizabeth Quay. More info

16 Sep 2014 - In 2011, a work camp was set up at Warburton as a part of the East Goldfields Regional Prison as a tool to aid in the rehabilitation of low security prisoners into society More info

30 Aug 2014 - A total of $480,000 worth of mobile phones and laptops have been lost or stolen from the WA Government over the 2013-14 financial year. More info

30 Aug 2014 - WA taxpayers are footing the bill for public servants to join exclusive clubs and associations. More info

29 Aug 2014 - The Barnett Government has been ordered to pay $56,631 in court costs plus damages to companies Mineralogy and International Resources as a result of the Premiers failure to give a decision on a proposed development within the time required under the State Agreements Act. The companies are controlled by Clive Palmer. More info

29 Aug 2014 - The Barnett Government has being forced to pay Golfwest $4.7 million as a result of the decision to locate the new Perth stadium at Burswood. More info

29 Aug 2014 - In the 6 months just prior to the WA State election in 2013, the Barnett Government spent almost $384,000 advertising the Royalties for Region (RFR) program. More info

29 Aug 2014 - Despite Perth Glory owing money to the State Government the Sports Minister Terry Waldron paid over $400,000 in compensation to Perth Glory as a result of disruptions during the taxpayer-funded redevelopment of nib stadium. More info

28 Aug 2014 - The compensation bill to owners of a Perth Chinese restaurant located in Florence Hummerston House is at least $7.25m following the Barnett Government’s decision to go ahead with Elizabeth Quay. More info

28 Aug 2014 - Due to the delays in the opening of Fiona Stanley Hospital the Barnett Government has been required to make payments to Serco for a hospital with no patients. More info

28 Aug 2014 - In April 2014 Allia terminated their contract to operate nib stadium. The decision by Allia to end their contract cost the WA taxpayer $8 million. More info

9 Jul 2014 - The State Government invested around $115 million in a 293-dwelling village in South Hedland which has remained significantly vacant for most of its operation. The State initially contributed $53 million to the project, and later paid Fleetwood an additional $62 million. More info

30 Jun 2014 - In June 2014, the Auditor General found that the Health Department spent $6 million on an IT project that was ultimately scrapped before it got off the ground More info

16 Aug 2013 - Poor oversight of the Muja refurbishment saw the final cost blow-out to $308.4 million More info

20 Jun 2013 - Former Liberal Energy Minister Peter Collier presided over the debacle of the solar feed-in tariff scheme, a program trumpeted by Mr Collier in 2009 as Australia’s most generous More info