$30 million reduction in land sold to Crown



02 Oct 2014 - The Barnett Government sold the former golf course land on the Burswood peninsula to Crown for $60 million, $30 million less than the valuation. .

The land valued at $95million was sold to James Packer's Crown Limited for $60million. 

It was also revealed in the Weekend West that the sale of the land was on the condition that Crown allowed the Government to build its new 60,000-seat sports stadium elsewhere on the peninsula.  Weekend West 8/3/14

The evidence came to light in documents presented to the Supreme Court. 

In a Ministerial media statement announcing the sale of the land and the construction of a new hotel 'Crown Towers' the State Government also indicated that it would not oppose an application for 500 additional gaming machines and 130 gaming tables.  Ministerial Media Statement 1/8/12