Empty Work Camps



16 Sep 2014 - In 2011, a work camp was set up at Warburton as a part of the East Goldfields Regional Prison as a tool to aid in the rehabilitation of low security prisoners into society.

It was designed to hold 24 prisoners, costing $17m to build and $1.4m to run.

However it emerged in April 2014 that the Warburton camp only contained 5 prisoners when it was equipped for 24. It's a pattern that was repeated at camps across the state with Wyndam, Walpole and Wheatbelt camps which are designed to house 30, 12 and 20 inmates respectively, only holding 20, 8 and 16 instead.

These empty places are in stark contrast to the rest of the state's corrective services system, which is notoriously overcrowded.