Libs slammed over $80,000 upgrades at Parliament



06 May 2016 - Upgrades to a bar at Parliament had cost $80,000.

Shadow treasurer Ben Wyatt said today the Liberals were "abusing" taxpayers' money by carrying out work to Parliament's Strangers' Bar while workers were being laid off.

Under the renovations, sliding doors are being added to a wall of the bar along with a gazebo in the courtyard of the 110-year-old building.

Mr Wyatt said the work was unnecessary because it was not improving the practical function of Parliament or maintaining or repairing ageing infrastructure.

He said it simply appeared to be aimed at making the bar "a much more pleasant place to drink".

"The Liberal Party... have form on this," Mr Wyatt said.

"I mean, what's next? Are we going to have a cigar bar up here at Parliament House, sitting around drinking brandy?

"This is an abuse of taxpayers' funds.

"The Liberal Party are now out of touch and not representing the aspirations of West Australians.

"This is the Parliament.

"Spending $80,000 making the bar a nicer place to drink is not the way to spend taxpayers' money.

"I don't think any West Australian would think this is a wise use of taxpayers' funds."